Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hey everyone.

Have been in training for new position at work. So haven't eeked out time to blog. But have managed to pick up a new "trick". I'm now an irish bone player. Got a pair of satinwood stick (bones) to practice with and really enjoying it. Now traditionally it is an instrument that is heard playing along with Scots/Irish music and you may hear them on recordings they make a
click-clack sound. Having grown up with bluegrass and zydeco/cajun music I get better rhythm playing those sorts of tunes, but coming along with the Celtic sound. The only time I have to practice is while I'm driving in to work. Now most bone players get good with a pair in each hand, but being the novice that I am and not having learned to steer the car with my knees (yet) I have only been playing with one pair. I did have a bit of fun on Sunday with them, my Bill took me to see the McCoys, a local group that plays at Celtic Crossing pub. During one of the breaks a young man in the table ahead of me was inquiring of the band's bones player as to how he actually holds the bones and gets sound. Now, I don't know who was having more trouble getting his mind and consequently his fingers around the bones, the young man who introduced himself to me later as Seth, new to our city by way of San Diego ,or Mr. Johnson the band member. Mr. Johnson was being gracious in allowing Seth to finger his bones (sounds kinky doesn't it?) but Seth just couldn't master the grip. Naturally, I just couldn't let this young man who was so inquisitive and obviously had fallen in love with the bones as I have done just sit in frustration. So I got up and approached Seth and gave him my best bones 101 and it was worth it to see the light in his young eyes when he made his first rhythmic click. This tickled Mr. Johnson, who said. 'Oh, wonderful, a lady player! I explained thatI was quite new and he said "Dont matter lass, you are a natural!" I heard his band begin to tune and quietly told Seth that I would show him some more after they played. Mr. Johnson says, "Oh no you won't you are going to take a pair of mine and play with me now." after a moment of declining he said. Please say you will, play with me now. So, I reached in my windbreaker and pulled out my own wooden pair and this got away with him and he said. "Was meant to be" and next thing I know we were playing together accompanying the band. I had put my pair in my pocket hoping to cornering Mr. Johnson after the entire set for a quick tip or two. Bill had gone to the men's room while I was showing Seth the few ropes I knew. When he returned and saw me not in my seat but up playing with the band all he could do was laugh.

Well, my next goal is to get another pair and not of wooden ones but real goat bones and to practice with a pair in each hand. Johnson who is well into his 70's told me not to hesitate playing with two hands. I told him I was leary of it since I practiced while I drove and was afraid that regardless of where I practiced it would seem as difficult as rubbing my head while patting my tummy. He said not to worry that both sides of my brain would figure out how to play and it would be more enjoyable. Then he cocked his eyebrow up at me and said.
'So you practice while you drive huh?" thinking he was going to chastise me for that, I answered
Yes, but remember I only play with one pair, so I do have a hand on the wheel." "Well, go on and do what I told you, lass. Get yourself another pair and play with both hands......and about that what I do.........ride a bicycle."

Gonna run now.......but will come back soon. Count your blessings, and thank the Lord for all that he has done and better yet for all that he is yet to do.

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