Thursday, November 8, 2007

Loading the Gun

Last night I went with David our director/producer, and my fellow script writer Ed, to do the script reading for an upcoming film short entitled "The Gun".

We met at the home of the actress, who has graciously offered her (damn this is just what we invisioned as the scene) home to do the filming. She was bubbly and vivacious and welcomed us into her home and Ed and I were instantly charmed. David had told us she was delightful, but I wasn't prepared for someone with her extensive background to be so talkative.

I had been asked before hand to just be supportive, and really turn an ear to what the actors had to say regarding the work and to hold off at this point making any suggestions or criticisms. As if...., hell I was just so damn thrilled someone thought it was worthy enough of their time.

After breaking the ice, and waiting for the leading man to show up, we all settled in and they immediately launched into the reading. It was magical for me to see and hear our words coming to life and I was unable to keep from laughing in approval when they hit what I felt was the mark on a particular point in the dialogue. They both "got it".

Since it is a short, she suggested that we take out a line or two, which she felt was unnecessary and it was a very good suggestion. Now, when in my dreams, this is turned into a longer version those lines will be added back, but for now, it will tighten up things.

She even suggested a twist to the end, which surprisingly was exactly what I wanted during our initial writing rough drafts and was compromised out.....I guess women see things a little differently. Well I was secretly (until now) tickled pink over that change. This seasoned actress even wanted to know my thoughts on how she should play that change out. We were reading each others minds and finishing each others sentences for a minute or two and there was no doubt in my mind we had written something she would enjoy.

Now, when this little number actually gets filmed is still up in the air, but all agreed it has to be soon.