Wednesday, September 5, 2007


There was a letter on my desk at work this morning from a fellow artist friend of mine.
He has been going through some changes like the rest of us and is seeking answers to his own life questions.

He wrote me a letter a while back giving me details of his "spiritual happenings".

Now to be honest with you, I didn't have the nerve to tell him that I saw nothing spiritual about the happenings, but then who am I to tell anyone how spirit happens for them.

I just chalked it all up to a man approaching his 60's who isn't getting the same response from 20-30 year old women, as he has for the past 20 years that I've known him and its getting to him.

But hey, I'm not getting the same responses from anyone 20-30 years old male or female that I use to either. There comes a point when what use to be fun, exciting, or even flirty comes across with age as just plain boring, pathetic, or downright dirty.

The letter on my desk this morning was more or less a rant on how he was about to disassociate himself from the people in his life. Damn, it was good and he spouted and spewed
out things that I have already been through. The only difference was that I had reached the "and heres what I intended to do about it" stage.

So I wrote him back, trying my best to be reassuring and yet straightforward. Experience had taught me that first of all, I was to write nothing back to this hopeless romantic, which could be misconstrued by anyone with one foot still firmly in this dimension. What his spirit guide or his true light-his wife of some 30 odd years- reveals to him is his problem.

The second challenge was not getting depressed as I recognized myself in some of his comments. I wanted to scream, damn be glad you are going through this! What if you were never given the opportunity to change your perception of yourself!

I couldn't help but wonder where i'd be on my own journey if I had only been willing to accept responsibility for myself 20 years ago. But so what, when you know better you do better because if you don't.....hey it don't get no better.

What if I had never really understood that if I'm not happy with the people in my life, its because I'm not happy with me.

I've mentioned before that when God wants to tell me something he begins with a whisper and it escalates into a half nelson if I don't pay attention.......well, my friend is getting the crap punched out of him for not listening.

I do hope that I was a help to him and that he comes out the other side of this personal turmoil a happier person.