Thursday, August 30, 2007

No more Ms. Nice-Guy.....what?, an award?

I was all ready to tell the world to "kiss my arse" when there came a knock on my blog.

It was an award from Auntie J. which immediately defused my temper bomb and deflatted all my hot air.

So thank you Auntie, dear. As I haven't felt nice for a matter of fact, I'm trying really hard to shake that image, you know? Being Ms. Nice-Guy doesn't always work.

So you have saved me once again from showing my "ass"......(see Auntie J's post)

I was just about to go to the window and in full "Network" style, do my very best Peter Finch/Howard Beale....(cause no one would caste me as Faye Dunaway) ...."I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!!!!!!!".........( I was totally in character too!)

Just as well, security here at the hospital has already warned me about being a "public nuisance" besides, I have plans to "make their day" soon.

BTW, you may have noticed that I have taken the "comment" field from my blog. Believe me, I think it was the "nice thing" to do. Besides, I was getting all depressed with the lack of comments until it dawned on me that what I blog about isn't as important as my ego thinks it should be. Its just thoughts for Christ sakes.......and every bozo has got those.......and it allows me the space to place those thoughts. So if anyone reads them and gets something from it that is nice to know......only I don't really need to know.....ya know?

So in the immortal words of Thumper's mama......."Thumper? what did daddy tell you?"....if any of you nice people have forgotten what Thumper answers.......go rent Bambi and watch it for yourself, how much time do you people think I have!!!

..........hell, this award is a lot of pressure..........but it was "nice" to receive.