Monday, August 20, 2007


Hello readers,

Hope you all had a safe weekend. We finally got some good showers here in Memphis on Saturday afternoon. Sat out on the porch with a bottle of beer and watched it rain. Did so at our place for a solid hour and believe me everything soaked it up like a sponge. Could have sat there into the night and enjoyed it, but was grateful to get all that we did.

I feel a real rant coming if you have better things to do......i'll give you a second to clear on out.....go ahead have yourself a good day and i'll come read your blogs later on today.....

Anyone left......well, here goes.......first of all let me start by saying......I've had enough of all the political bs that goes on in an election year....yeah, yeah, I know its just that i've come to a point in my life where i've decided that the most important things that happen don't require a politician. More good comes from people just sticking their heads out their own front door and asking their neighbor......"Hey, how can I help". The same old tired issues are tossed back and forth between guys and gals, who most of the time have never held a "real job" in their lives, are so far removed from the average joe or jill, and once they are what ever the highest bidder(lobbyist) tells them to........There isn't a nickles worth of difference between the two major politial parties in this country they just go about swapping tactics every few years.

moving right along............

global warming........whew!!!! let me take a polluted heat or not to heat.......look i'm 51 damn years old...I'm not going to play the "menopause" card here......okay, but what I want to say is that for the past 40 years.....scientists, activist, globalists, naturalists, geologist and just about any other "ist" you can name has known and claimed ........"the sky is falling" don't go thinking I'm going to start spouting there is no such thing.......bottom line for me is .......doesn't make a big bit of difference if its real or not........common sense and human nature tells me........what ever happens happens........people don't push for anything until they are shoved......I hear all these folks arguing over the situation and not one damn fool coming forth to
ask........."Hey, how can I help us all to survive this?", I don't want to hear how a career politician has all the answers, when these sobs tell the masses how we need to live on less, go solar......., which sure made good sense to me back when everyone called that ......"being a hippie".....yet they live in 5,000 square foot homes, and have no problem jetting all over the country needlessly helping to emit massive amounts of fuel carbons into the air.....

Next,..........we have so many battles going on in this country, drug, alcohol, child abuse.......hey, feel free to jump in here and name all the horrible sins agains humanity you can think of......why are we taking this countries future and putting them through hell on earth in a land of people who have been fighting each other for "turf" control for centuries and are being allowed to call themselves a religion.........and yes I'll state this for the record.......Islam is not a religion's a "brotherhood".....see in real have a respect for life, not only your own but that of your enemies.......yes, you fight to defend your life......but the purpose of your religion is not to "put to death" non-believers. And please, save the argument that
Christians have caused more pain than any other group of people........oh, contraire. Especially if your butte is sitting in a chair at a computer in America.

Last thing, and this is what broke the camel's back for me. I am listening to the radio late last night and I hear an angry Hispanic voice calling for all "like minded" peoples, to come together on September 12th of this year and band together for one day of "non-consumption" an effort to protest the misuse and abuse heaped upon the masses of and dare i say it....."law breaking criminals who have illegally entered into the United States of America".
now what do you suppose that would entail........a day's fasting......perhaps, how about no work that day, or not attending schools., no hospital admissions, or ER or clinic visits and treatment. Maybe not buying gas that day, not driving on roads, not standing in line collecting benefits that you are not legally entitled. Oh, yeah, listen up you murdering, raping criminal types.....don't consume the dozen or more legal Americans who are killed each day with your hands or by your wheels.
Non-consumption might be just what this country needs........if you aren't taking something that isn't yours......then perhaps witnessing this fasting will open the eyes and clear the minds of the rest of us who have been feeding these "hand biting" strays. Maybe the men and women in this country who you claim wouldn't take the undesirable jobs would show up in mass on the 12th ready and willing to prove you wrong. Maybe we would show up on the courthouses, and capital buildings of this nation demanding that you be given your "illegal rights" and that you be escorted in mass Exodus beyond our border, where you are free to consume or not consume to your heart's desire. See, you were wrong to confuse our hospitality with ignorance......we are a patient and loving people........but when you go to making a mockery of what our forefathers and mothers worked and died for so that we had the right to govern ourselves with laws protect us........"You have F'd up Amigo".
Don't confuse the fact that "fat cat" employers were willing to pay you pennies for any job that a tax paying, citizenship had gone through years of civil unrest and degradation to acheive equality would not take because it would mean they would be"back paddling".

I've straddled the fence on this issue long enough.......why, because like every other American, I love to see people succeed...the old pull yourself up by the boot straps, it makes all the sacrifices of our ancestors worthwhile........but if you want to work in this land, take from this land, then get to the "back of the bus"......"take a number".......get a become We the People.....legally.........and if you don't want to be legal under existing laws.......then hold your breath until you have your way.........don't consume any more of my hard earned polluted globally warmed air.

Okay, I guess its over.........feel much better now.........Jinks.