Friday, August 17, 2007

Hot August Night

I"ve been humming an old Neil Diamond tune, don't ask me why but it cools me down.

Have had the opportunity to complete what I intend to send in to the writers workshop.
My plans are to turn a series of related stories into one "coherent" novel. So wish me luck.

I"ve been getting those thumps on the shoulder know the ones where something keeps coming up in your life like its trying to get your of those attention getting taps is telling me ........let what ever comes.....come, don't fight it......just keep water....flow........don't panic........just go with stop, to resist, to succumb to fear or negativity is to stop the flow of energy........keep will build positive energy....and momentum

Yep, leastwise that is what this ole "grasshopper" is experiencing.

Before I leave and begin listening to my medical tapes, I would like to tell you what will be on my mind and heart today..............all the folks who have ever stopped into to give this blog a look.