Thursday, July 12, 2007


That's what my older brother Earl use to say whenever he was surprised by something.

It was the first thing that popped out after I checked my e-mails this morning.

Got up extra early and walked down the mountain into town. Lannie the maintenance man was pulling up into Mad Martha's for his morning ritual and I talked him into opening up the library early for me by bribing him with breakfast on me. He agreed to open up the back door for me if I would agree not to cut on any lights and to make sure the door was shut up good and tight when I came out.

I felt like one of those archaeologist searching a dark tomb for treasure, as I made my way through the aisles of the library and I likened the sound of the humming computer flipping through cyberspace as my digging tools. The final click into my inbox was the opening of the
mummies vault.

the reply from Ms. Robinson............Dear Faith,

I have to admit I was so excited she could have told me to go to hell and take my mama with me and it wouldn't have mattered......its the fact that she replied that made all the difference.

I printed off the reply, closed the vault down and made my way back out of the tomb.

Minutes later, I was seated across from Lannie who was already into his second cup of coffee and cutting through a stack of pigs in a blanket.

"You shut that door up missy?"
"Yes, and thanks."
"Hey, you win some contest or sumthin?"
" I sure did."
"Whud ya git?"
"I got an e-mail reply from a very famous author"
"Did she win too?"
"Oh, she's been a winner for a long time, it just a response to an e-mail I sent her about another writer after I talked to her on her blog-talk radio show."
"Huh, what did you win?"
"Well, originally I won a book she was giving away. But her e-mail was very encouraging and complimentary and she wants to talk to me again."
"Hmmmh, probably wants to discuss the shippin and handlin charges."
" You want seconds Lannie?"
"Yeah, sure why not at least one of us needs something good out of all this"

Martha noticed I'd come in and came over to the booth.

"Faith, coffee and something to eat?"
"Sure, I'll have eggs and grits and Lannie needs a refill"

Martha pours us both coffee and says "Fill em up, move em out!"
She pokes Lannie in the side with her pencil and says "Think this one is about ready to take to market."
"Oh, and who died and made you sheriff?"
"Listen, Slim, don't get fiesty with the cook cause I do have the right not to serve you."
"Awh, don't go mean on me Marty, a fellow has got to eat."
"You're right Lan, when things are empty around here, its my job to fill them up and when things get full, its your job to empty when you get good and full, would you mind stepping over to the men's room and see bout emptying that clogged toilet?"
"Hey, I don't work here Marty, I'm just a customer"
"Well, seems that toilet ain't the only thing full of ..."

Martha stops in mid sentence as she is prone to do and walks off towards the kitchen.

"You still hungry Faith, or has all that gorging taken away your appetite" she says out loud without looking back.
"Sure, I"m ravenous"

Lannie, slurps down the last of his coffee then pushes his plate away as he breathes in deeply to remove his belly from the edge of the table.

"Well, I guess if I want to eat again, better take a look in the men's room and see what I can do.

He thanks me for breakfast and pulls out his wallet and drops more than enough money on the table to cover both our breakfasts.

"Lannie, it was on me remember?"

"Yeah, I know, but you can get it next time, I have to leave enough money for Marty to help pay to have two toilets fixed." He smiles and winks and heads off to the door marked "Dudes".

I read and reread the e-mail and the concept of empty and full keeps tumbling in my mind.
Yesterday, my self image seemed empty and a simple step out of myself began to fill it up again. Ms. Robinson, obviously saw a place to pour out from her full life and did so.
It reminded me of a quote "If you see something empty fill it up, if you have something full empty it."

Feeling full of enthusiasm as I walked out of Martha's, I head towards the square to see who in town might need a refill.