Wednesday, July 11, 2007


After wandering into town this morning and having a few cups of coffee with Marty at Mad Martha's cafe, I decided to walk on down to the library and see what I had been missing on the blogs. I checked out blogtalkradio and noticed that "The Writer's Room" was going to be on air at 2:00 p.m. This peaked my interest and after browsing Sid's Market and having a bowl of pinto beans and cornbread at Bud's Drive-In, took the long way around town returning to the library and settled in the last computer chair, the one in the corner by the pay phone. Tuned into the show and was delighted to hear that the show was run by author Jill Robinson. She had a lady guest on discussing her book about maintaining long, fun relationships. She offered free books to callers and having a bit of change left over from skipping dessert I decided to splurge on ATT and see where it got thing I know I'm talking to her in New York and to her guest from London......

They got a big ole kick out of me being from the south and I got a "freebie". I also got a little wind back in my sails from talking with them. I told Ms. Robinson that I had recently begun to blog myself and that although I wasn't really sure about it, it was fun and gave me a reason to believe that I could follow my passion to continue to write. She shared that she was new to blogging herself and that she understood what I meant by feeling uncertain in the writing.
That it was exactly how new writers felt, they know they have something to say, they just aren't sure what to do with it.......

I had to e-mail my address to her and while doing so invited her to take a look at Southern Voices and Visions, perhaps she will and leave me a note on her any rate I know have a new author to check out and a new blogtalkshow to tune into.

Well, gotta stop by Tim and Rita's before I head home to see if either of them has any extra banjo strings, found out I can use them on the dulcimer just fine. If I time it just right, should make it back to the cabin before the deer show up to graze.

Hope everyone is doing well and if not, well be patient cause you just never know what tomorrow is going to bring.

type to you later...........Faith