Friday, June 29, 2007


Hey Friends,

Me and my mental entourage took us a little trip to east tennessee/north carolina last week. We hung out in a cabin for eight days, hiked, read, swam, took a trip down the Nolichucky river in "fun cats" and detoxed from the phone, television, computers, and work. Now I (oh, yeah this is Jinks typing to you) really enjoyed myself. Carl was in his element most of the time but he did have a "carburetor craving", which got us in a jam about mid week and involved across state lines law enforcement. WeiWong got into a physical altercation ("I whipt sum ass, no?") with a local woman over a tall, dark, muscular Park Ranger, who was telling campfire ghost stories at the campground. I don't think Ranger Tim will ever ask for volunteers from the audience again. Surprisingly, the twins, Lucy and Lindsay had a great time. They were thoughtful, kind to each other, co-operative with the rest of me/us. I've decided its probably a good idea to just throw away their suitcase, the blood stains and cat hair would be just a bitch to get out...........the kitchen knives they took with them may be salvagable......and I'm not going to invade their privacy......besides what happens on Roan Mountain.....stays on Roan Mountain. Haven't heard from Faith, I think she is literally still there and refused to come home with the rest of us. Probably better this way. We can fill in on her job, Carl needs the money and WeiWong can improve her typing skills.

In closing today, I'm going to leave you a piece of "flash fiction" that Faith wrote a while back.
She won't know and besides if I don't share it with'll never get to read it......

Drop me a line and tell me what you think........if Faith ever comes down off the moutain, I'll pass it on to her...........later people........Jinks.

Stop the press........hang on, Okay......Okay.......the story will be in Monday's blog......Carl says he can't be around when that story is told.....cause it gets to him.........("See, I tole u he big ol baby.....he what u say....woosea") ........Wei-Wong, that's inappropriate...("for reel gullfwiend, da biggest") have a point dear, but perhaps we should talk about it in therapy...("whot-evuh!")