Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Look at these two young people. Do you know who they are?
I will be very surprised if you do. I didn't until about 10 minutes
ago. I don't think I will ever forget them.
Here are just some details......they were boyfriend and in pre and post-Katrina New Orleans.........he was ex-solider from Iraq stop a minute and think about all
the horror and destruction a young man could witness in this world by the time he reaches young adult hood. Now add the effects of a war, then a natural catastrophe. Its a recipe for disaster.
If you are like me, you didn't know or (still don't know) who these people were. When you discover who they are, you may have a vague feeling of having heard something about a tragedy, something about New Orleans, an ex-solider. The story perhaps got all shuffled in
your daily rolodex of tragedies. You know the ones I catch a blip on the media screen and somehow it gets disconnected because we are all so busy trying to stay connected to
some sense of peace and continuity that if it isn't happening to us or someone we love at that very moment........we tune out.....or click our tongues......or more likely we click our remote controls ......afterall.........a person goes mad if they see too much, or feel too much, or hurt too much.......
my biggest fear is that in an effort to protect our sanity......we lose our humanity.
If you are curious enough to find out who these people were, be curious enough to ask yourself
how we are all going to live with all the stories like theirs to come?