Thursday, August 2, 2007

When the student is ready the master appears

Morning people,

Its August 2nd and school begins soon. I'm fifty-one years old and you'd think the butterflies that emerge like clock-work in the stomach of a young girl anticipating a new school year would have found fresher and greener pastures to enjoy.

Could it be the twins, Lucy and Lindsay......nah, they hate school. Wei-Wong doesn't get excited .....she just stays excited. Carl?.......hmmm, well he is a mixture of emotion when it comes to school because it means the latest group of teenage boys he hangs with at the pool hall will be too busy buzzing the girls to spend any more time drinking, smoking and listening to wild tales of his glory days. It also means that ex-wife Louise will expect him to bring his kids back from their summer stay with dear old daddy. Since the kids never actually stay with daddy Carl, he must take a head to his mother's house in Fifty-Six, Arkansas, herd 'em up, debrief them on what they did with him over summer vacation, and oh yeah.... borrow forty bucks from me to bribe them to testify to it on a stack of bibles to mommy-dearest.

So, the only explaination for this giggily girl giddiness must be Faith. You remember her,
she's the part of us that went on vacation back in June and refused to come back home.

We've had several folks inquire about her, why I do not know. So if you are one of those
people, here is a letter from her........

Dear Mind,

Just a note to tell you all that I'm doing fine and hope you are also.

The weather is dry here but somewhat cooler than Memphis. I've made a few friends here in

Roan Mt. Tell Wei-Wong that ranger Tim says "All is forgiven".

My days are spent getting to know all the people in and around town, practicing my dulcimer and writing.

Do have some exciting news, met a wonderful lady named Jill Robinson on the internet. She is

an author and lives in London. She teaches writing workshops and she has graciously

agreed to take me on as a student via email. Can you guys believe it? I'll do my best to

make us proud. This is a dream come true for me and I hope one day for you all as well.

I promised to help down at the elementary school during registration so have to be going.

Oh, one more thing, do any of you know anything

about the cats that were around the cabin before you left?

I'll keep in touch and be thinking about you...........Faith.

Well, there it is............tell me, how can someone get so excited about registering kids for

school...sigh......told you she was hopeless. Later, Jinks.