Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And then there were 6


Glad you stopped by, been meaning to get in touch with you and let you know the latest.

Hmm, where to begin. I"ll try to make this short. We all have our crosses to bear and some are heavier

than others. I have decided not to struggle with a few of mine (six to be exact) and just sorta

go with the flow, down the lazy river of life if you will and hope I'm better at log rolling than I

think. It seems that I have six personalities all fighting for the top bunk, the office with a view,

to be the alpha dog, the head knocker, she who must be obeyed.....you get my meaning. Not a

one of them is satisfied to ride along shot-gun. No, I take that back Carl doesn't mind as long as

he has plenty of shot gun shells.....and WeiWong will if its not a long ride. Wait, I'm getting

ahead of ourselves here.....Let me back up and introduce you to us....me...well, you know

what I mean. You know me, Jinks, I'm a 51 year old woman, been married 29 years, have

two children, a home, a job, pretty normal stuff right?.....well, if you can keep the rest of me

quiet you could call it normal. Then there's Faith, (she's a trip!), she's a medical transcriptionist

with definite identity issues..(a nut job!). Next, meet Carl...(Carl, tuck your shirt tail in!, Stand up straight son!) he's a 43 year old guy, whose been divorced twice and his first wife is trying to
talk him into a relationship again. He is currently unemployed (again!) but our therapist
Dr. Moron..(pronounced more-roan) says that Carl just needs to get in touch with his feminine side and he'll be just fine. Now there's Wei Wong, a lovely young foreign exchange student, if

you think lovely is an oriental woman with excessive body hair and young is a passport(its a death certificate) that says she left the orient(the planet!) in 1957 at the tender age of 17. She refuses to finalize her education and actually get a degree. (I suspect it would mean giving up frat parties).

Then there are the twins.... Lucy and Lindsay........who have finally struck an agreement on just how old they are..and what sex they are (for now!).....and I really wasn't paying much attention to them (I know, but I'm working on that) at our last session, but I do know they are responsible for a tattoo of a chameleon on my tuckus.

Did I leave anyone out?......(No? well thanks WeiWong)

So that's us....in a nutshell....(haaaa!!!) and in order to help hurry my recovery along, I've
(we've!) decided to share the blog page. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was Faith that charmed the masses with her sweet disposition on Friday.

Each one of us will take turns making entries and sharing with you.

So strap yourselves in....(we have plenty of straight jackets)....

it promises to be a bumpy ride......