Thursday, May 3, 2007

19 Years with a degree from the "School of Heartknocks"

Morning folks,

Today marks the end of and beginning of an important time in my child's life. Today is the last day of my daughter's school career. She has been going to school for 19 years if you count preschool, K-12, and 5 years of college.

As I got ready for work today, I had a nagging feeling that if I left the house as ususal, I would be leaving something behind. I sat down in the den and cut on the tv and felt like I was putting off something....stalling for time. I couldn't understand my mood. It was when my daughter came into our den and found me transfixed on an old movie classic that it fell into place for me. It was definite "deja vue". I had a flash back of a cute little girl, in a pair of pastel purple shorts and matching tee shirt with white sandals, bruised knees, and missing front teeth smiling at me and saying. "Mom, aren't you ready to go?" It took a moment for the memory of this little sweet voice speaking to me to speak to me in real time. "Mom, are you okay?.....Why haven't you left yet?.......Aren't you going to work today?...." Before me stood a taller version of this cute little girl, in a purple sorority tee-shirt, faded jeans, black spangled flip flops, shoulder bag, and carkeys. Suddenly, I was struck with the realization that this would be the last time I would see her walking away from me heading for her future in education. She read my face and said. "Oh, mom, you're not going to go all sappy on me are you?" " I expect that from Dad, but you're the strong one." She laughed and I quickly asked..."Are you sad or apprehensive about today?"...."No, I just can't wait for this last exam to be over." "Well, its been a long time coming kiddo" she smiled and gave me a hug and said..."don't worry Mom, remember I'll still go to get my masters in a few years. So this isn't completely over." We stepped outside and she turned and walked down the driveway. My heart took a picture of her walkng away.....then I went into mother mode... "Okay, well be........". "I will, you be careful too mom and smile, I love you".

Whew......its a good thing you folks are reading this on a computer would be a
very soggy mess in pen and paper........

Maybe she will let me walk her to graduate school..........heyitcouldhappen.